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Project management training courses
Open enrollment seminars in Moscow, 2007

2-3, Moscow
Corporate innovation management

11-12, Moscow
Project Management Office development and deployment

25-26, Moscow
Integration of Quality Management modern methods. Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean production

30-31, Moscow
Project Management corporate system and methodology development and implementation

13-14, Moscow
Practical instruments of Quality Management in projects

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Project management information system (PM-IS) implementation

Based on the ongoing and thoroughly debugged project management processes, the implementation of the information system may ensure considerable reduction of the company's costs and open the new possibilities. The implementation of the information system can provide the following outcomes:

  • a possibility to exert on-line monitoring of (a) resource use and productivity for all types of projects resources, including personnel, and (b) compliance with project schedules;
  • control and management of project financing, including reserve management;
  • additional possibilities for the optimization of the schemes designed for financing operations, optimization of deliveries, etc., due to the introduction of the tools intended for forecasting the course of project implementation;
  • a possibility to simulate management solutions, particularly with regard to day-to-day resource management, and to assess their consequences (including financial impact) more accurately;
  • the implementation of a scheduling and communications system that is common for all project(s) participants;
  • considerable reduction of errors in the information transmission.

PM-IS is often regarded as technology designed to introduce order in project management. In reality, information system is no more than a tool for maintaining and accelerating project management processes and technologies that already exist in an organization.

Therefore the stage of project management processes optimization and formalization is an indispensable step that should precede PM-IS selection and implementation. A correctly planned implementation of an information system may become an extremely potent tool for promoting thus created corporate project management methodology by reducing resistance to changes.

In any case, in the process of PM-IS implementation it is important to be logical and to proceed from process requirements and the needs of project participants, rather than from the possibilities of exteriorly suitable software package.

Inquire p.m.Office experts about the possibilities of the implementation of project management information system in your company.



In order to ensure the implementation of the organizational changes and the support for the company's development, it is necessary to make sure that the executives and the employees fully understand the goals of such changes and have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Applied project management tools, Moscow, January 22-23. This open-enrollment training course incorporates a through case study, with group tasks structured according to PMI PMBOK 2000 ©. The course covers wide range of applied project management tools that can be effectively used by the participants from various industries and companies.

As organizations become ever more dependent upon IT systems to transact their business, projects become far too important to leave to IT. Mike Harding Roberts considers what "process-based" organizations such as banks and insurance companies can do to become more engaged in managing the projects that shape their future in his paper "Towards a Project-Centric World".

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