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Project management training courses
Open enrollment seminars in Moscow, 2007

2-3, Moscow
Corporate innovation management

11-12, Moscow
Project Management Office development and deployment

25-26, Moscow
Integration of Quality Management modern methods. Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean production

30-31, Moscow
Project Management corporate system and methodology development and implementation

13-14, Moscow
Practical instruments of Quality Management in projects

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Integrated training programs for executives and specialists

In order to ensure the implementation of the organizational changes and the support for the company's development, it is necessary to make sure that the executives and the employees fully understand the goals of such changes and have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Both issues can be solved through corporate training, which should be planned and organized in such manner that will help in the achievement of the company's goals and will not lead to wasting budgets on fruitless investments in the employees' personal qualification and value.

Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • ensure compliance of training goals with the company's business goals;
  • define requirements for the content and form of the training, basing on the goals set;
  • create or choose a training program that will meet these requirements best;
  • plan, organize and conduct training regarding it as any other project: ensuring required performance level and completing the project in time and within planned budget.

p.m.Office offers its clients a wide range of training programs for executives and staff. Besides delivering standard basic courses in the main project management issues, we also develop and conduct the specialized, task-oriented seminars and training courses designed to satisfy particular needs of our customers.

Practical seminars
Applied project management tools
Project Management Office Development and Deployment
Motivation and human resource management in matrix structures
Project Management for Executives
Managing communications in project teams and project environment
Project Earned Value Analysis
Project Risk Management

Tailoring training courses to the client's specific needs

Training may pursue different purposes, including:

  • retraining (to work on the new tasks, the employees have to acquire new knowledge and to be trained in new skills);
  • improvement of qualification (the employees should expand their knowledge and learn new skills within a discipline that is already familiar to them, for instance, in order to improve their productivity or to master new methods and technologies that are being implemented in their organization);
  • motivation (if there is a need to revitalize and to boost one's interest in one's work by introducing new devices and approaches);
  • " team-building (to help the staff members who have no previous experience of working with each other to find common ground and to learn to deal with the problems together; this is achieved though training exercises, including those based on the old projects).

Training may also pursue other purposes such as helping the employees to familiarize themselves with a new knowledge area that is strategically important for the implementation of the company's long-term plans, assessment of key employees' potential, etc.

Possessing a vast experience in the field of business training, p.m.Office develops and conducts training programs targeting at a wide range of project management issues and intended for the executives and employees of the different hierarchic levels.

Other options are the adaptation of basic programs for specific tasks and development of the specialized seminars, training courses and programs that, with a required degree of expansion, cover a wide range of topics, including general management, personnel management, budgeting, business communications, etc.

Contact p.m.Office to discuss the possibilities for training your company's employees in project management issues.


Now you may put your questions concerning various project management issues to some outstanding PM experts - people well known around the world as top project management professionals with many years of hands-on experience in project management.

B eing out of the main business focus for the big part of process-driven companies, projects that still inevitably exist don't match many management processes. They often don't fit the budgeting system, have no affect on compensation and benefits system; lack proper direction and control due to dominant "functional structure" management, and finally projects do not always conform to corporate strategy and main business goals...

Based on the ongoing and thoroughly debugged project management processes, the implementation of the information system may ensure considerable reduction of the company's costs and open the new possibilities.

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