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Project management training courses
Open enrollment seminars in Moscow, 2007

2-3, Moscow
Corporate innovation management

11-12, Moscow
Project Management Office development and deployment

25-26, Moscow
Integration of Quality Management modern methods. Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean production

30-31, Moscow
Project Management corporate system and methodology development and implementation

13-14, Moscow
Practical instruments of Quality Management in projects

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The Company

p.m.Office provides professional services in the field of modern project management techniques implementation and improvement to the corporate clients. Founded by a group of professional managers and consultants, the company has accumulated a vast experience in the field of management processes development and implementation in various businesses - from construction, information technologies and telecommunications to oil & gas and automotive industries.

In our work we employ the most up-to-date and promising project management techniques that have proved their efficiency, both globally and locally. Believing that correct strategy and qualification determine success of any organizational development project or program, we offer to our clients a wide range of training possibilities in the various project management issues.

Today our clients can choose from the following possibilities for improving project management processes in their organizations:

When dealing with the complicated complex projects, p.m.Office works in close cooperation with the leading international companies and experts specializing in project management.

p.m.Office does not act as a distributor of any particular project management information system. We always offer our clients the tools that suit for their specific tasks best and justify the costs, ensuring the adequate support for the processes of managing portfolios and individual projects. Our independent position allows us to cooperate with the vast majority of the Russian and foreign producers of project management software tools.

We deliver results

Whatever steps our clients may decide to undertake to improve corporate project management processes, we always focus on the achievement of concrete, measurable results, including:

  • Acceleration of the implementation of strategically important projects. This is especially important for the projects that deal with bringing new products and services to the market.
  • More of the company's projects achieve their goals in time and within planned budgets: results begin to comply with the plans.
  • Companies no longer have to spend their money on unnecessary and duplicating projects.
  • Decrease in project management costs.

Contact information:
Tel/Fax: 7 095 502 3193, 502 3194


Applied project management tools, Moscow, January 22-23. This open-enrollment training course incorporates a through case study, with group tasks structured according to PMI PMBOK 2000 . The course covers wide range of applied project management tools that can be effectively used by the participants from various industries and companies.

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